19th October 2024
Audio Glasgow
Doors: 7pm
Age Limit: 18+

Support from Jock The Box

Rattus Inheritus are Stranglers obsessives bringing you the music of the Stranglers, played with passion, aggression and conviction! Classic Stranglers line up, with bass, keys, guitar and drums. Each musician has over 20 years professional, session and live experience. Rattus Inheritus play the music of the Stranglers with stunning power and fidelity, mixing classics wirh more modern deep cuts.

The black blood of the MeninBlack flow through theor veins. Apocalyptic music …

‘Great musicians playing their favourite music to die hard fans’ DJ Liz Kershaw.

‘Great night out, loved hearing the truly great Stranglers tracks being played so well’ – football legend Stuart Pearce

Venue: Audio Glasgow